The REAL Path to Success

Friends, this is what the path to success looks like.

You are going to make progress and results. Then you are going to backtrack ALMOST to zero again. Then you will make a bit stronger and faster and backtrack ALMOST to the point you were last time. Progress, backtrack; progress, backtrack. Gain weight, lose weight. Get ten unbroken pull-ups, and fall to three again.

But here is why to keep going: Every time you loop back, you won’t go as backward as before. The loops get smaller.

And you will also start to notice that you are not backtracking quite as often as before. So someday, you will look up and think, “Wow, I have gone a whole year without gaining any major weight.” And when you have little bumps, thinking this way will help you keep your perspective.

Many people get stuck in that first fitness loop forever: try something, make progress, fall off. Sometimes their programs, diets, or tricks could be more sustainable. Sometimes they are boring. Sometimes they just don’t work.

But usually, after six weeks, the exerciser is a bit further along. And even if he or she falls off, the fall won’t be ALL the way back.

Maybe you have fallen backward after a tough holiday season of too much eating, drinking, and resting. But you can still do CrossFit. You can still show up. And next year, when you fall back again, you’ll be even further ahead. You are creating a buffer for mistakes.

If for no other reason, go to the gym today because today’s problems are slightly less horrible than last year’s problems. I’ve been there.

Coach Lucas.