Meet with Coach Randy!

I am a dedicated educator and lifelong resident of Maine.  Having called Maine home for most of my life, I have developed a deep appreciation for the state’s natural beauty and rugged landscapes. As a teacher, I bring this same sense of wonder and exploration into my classroom, fostering a learning environment that encourages curiosity and discovery.

Outside the classroom, you can often find me playing golf or hiking.  My passion for outdoor adventure is complemented by a dedication to health and wellness.  Prioritizing health and well-being are paramount for living a fulfilling and balanced life, enabling individuals to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. For me, teaching and the outdoors are not just passions but integral parts of my identity.   

I am drawn to coaching at CrossFit Black Bear because I have a profound passion for helping people transform their lives. Cfbb embodies not just physical fitness, but also mental toughness and community support, all of which resonate deeply with me.

I thrive on the energy of a group setting, where you can inspire and motivate individuals to push beyond their limits and achieve their goals. I also aspire to become a wellness coach, where I envision guiding others toward holistic well-being, not just focusing on exercise, but also nutrition, stress management, lifestyle improvements as well as social and emotional betterment.  I desire to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives and to witness their growth and resilience, which fuels my ambition to pursue coaching in both fitness and wellness.