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How To Get Fit Without Even Realizing It!

By Lauren Turinetti | May 7, 2018

You might think that changing your ways in order to improve your health is difficult, but if you break the process down into smaller steps, transforming your lifestyle (and your body) becomes much easier. Here are our recommendations for simple, effective lifestyle changes that will positively impact your health:

Learn How To Cook Meals At Home

Stop getting fast food and stop eating frozen meals from the grocery store. Cook real meals. You can enroll in a cooking class, or you can watch videos online to learn how to prepare delicious meals. If it makes it easier, you could even try a meal planning app or service. Instead of eating a lot of fat, sugar or sodium, you can buy fresh vegetables along with low-fat proteins so that you can prepare nutritious meals for lunch and dinner.







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Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

If you are drinking a lot of alcohol, then it is damaging your health. Excess alcohol consumption can lead to problems with your liver, and drinking too much can affect you mentally. You might begin to make poor decisions while drinking such as driving a vehicle or engaging in risky behaviors with others. Alcohol has tons of hidden calories that can sabotage your progress. When you want to stop drinking but can’t, it is time to seek help at a rehabilitation facility.

Remember To Socialize Frequently

An important part of being healthy is socializing frequently. You can do this by having an enjoyable hobby that has groups of people that meet to talk about their interests. Alternatively, you can become involved in community activities. Experts recommend socializing approximately twice a week to prevent health problems such as depression.

Exercise Several Times a Week

Make the most of your time for exercising by engaging in an intense CrossFit program at a local gym. With this form of exercise, you are enjoying several types of physical activities, including calisthenics, gymnastics and interval training. You won’t get bored with this type of exercise program, and you can also compete with other individuals who are participating in the routines.

Don’t Smoke Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is bad for your internal organs, causing damage that can shorten your lifespan. If you can’t stop smoking on your own, then begin to use nicotine patches or participate in a smoking cessation program. Within a few months of overcoming the cigarette-smoking habit, you will notice a change in the way that you feel.

Make Healthy Living a Habit

By beginning a healthier lifestyle today, you can improve the way that you feel right away. Continue to have healthy living habits so that you will have a longer and happier life that doesn’t include having frequent illnesses or immobility.


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  • Check out Coach Lauren's latest program! Read her story and give her page a follow @athletesedgemaine
Reposted from @athletesedgemaine -  A little #tbt today! ⏲️ And Coach Lauren's story from athlete to coach.
I played soccer my entire life. It was how I defined myself for many years. Growing up I dreamed of playing at the collegiate level.
My junior year of HS I tore my ACL. I thought I was finished. I had surgery and with the help of some incredibly supportive people, and many hours in the weight room,  I played again my senior year of high school. And I was recruited and received a scholarship to play soccer in college! I was living my dream!
Fast forward a few month after my freshman season at my university and I tore my ACL AGAIN! Same knee. It was devistating. My surgeon said I wouldn't play soccer again. I remember putting on a brave face, but then completely breaking down in front of my college coach when I told him I had to quit.
It was after that conversation that I was recruited by the track team at my university. I took the opportunity and raced the 100m, 200m and 400m for one season. It was incredibly challenging but I'm glad I didn't back down. .
Ultimately, I decided not to continue running track - but rather made the decision to get in the gym, get as strong as I could, and play soccer my senior season. I wasn't ready to let go of that part to of who I was.
My senior season, I won my spot back onto the team, but had to switch positions. I had played left striker my entire career - but found myself playing as a left center back. It was a tough transition, but a position where I could make a difference for my team.
We had an incredibly successful season - winning our conference and playing in the first round of the national tournament.
My experience with injury and battling back is what motivates me to help athletes today. Without my supportive coaches and trainers I wouldn't have achieved what I did. I want to be the coach that builds you up and gets you physically and mentally strong. I want to be the coach that is just as excited about your success as you are.
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  • Proud coach moment!! This young woman has been working her butt off in the gym and it has shown over this past weekend at the New England Indoor Track and Field Championships! Now onto the outdoor season! #AthletesEdgeME
Reposted from @emmamichelllle -  @cfblackbear check out this New England’s transformation- 
#bouldershoulders are not the only #gains between these photos- I am stronger mentally than ever, and the list of goals smashed between 2018 #newenglands and 2019 is long. Last year, I squeaked into New England’s and was ranked 3rd to last. Today, I competed in the top flight of girls and was originally ranked 12th; I ended up making finals, throwing a new #schoolrecord and #pr of 38’8.75” and finishing as the 7th best shot putter in New England.

If you had asked the athlete in the second photo if she’d return, she would’ve said “hopefully”. If you’d asked her if she’d finish top 10, she would’ve laughed. If you’d told her she would compete NEs having committed to her dream college, she would’ve cried tears of joy. 
Life is funny, and sad, and really hard. I’ve had some of my most lost moments in the past few weeks and to be able to look back and see how much I’ve learned and grown puts things into perspective. I am a process, and sometimes that process results in stoked moments like today. - #regrann

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