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At CrossFit Black Bear we provide you with the tools, and knowledge needed to live a healthy lifestyle, both inside and outside the gym. Serving Orono, Old Town, Bangor and Brewer Maine! 5 minutes from the University of Maine (UMaine).

482A Stillwater Avenue
Old Town, ME 04468
(207) 631-6136
  • Raise your hand ✋ if you get a sick satisfaction from seeing coaches doing burpees, but you don't have to 😂😈😼
  • Monthly maintenance. @assaultairbike are we doing this right?? #cleanhardfeelgood #airrunner #crossfit
  • Safety first!! We care about you so much that we're spending our day off getting First Aid/CPR/AED re-certified. #knowledgeispower
Did you know that CrossFit Black Bear has an AED?? In the event of cardiac arrest, when an AED is used within the first minute, chances of survival are 90%! This is close to double the rate of simply providing CPR.
Stay working hard people and taking care of your health, peeps! Let's hope we never need to use this training. 🤞 #workhardfeelgood #crossfit
  • There are things in life we can't control. But our mindset is not one of those things.
You can choose to hit the snooze button and tell yourself that you'll "do it tomorrow". Or you can make that small decision to get up and tackle that item on your to do list.
Stress is a funny thing. You can't bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away. Because the second you pop your head back out, it's still there.
The only cure for stress is ACTION. You need to actually do it. And do it today. Do it now. ACTION has a weird way of freeing your mind. You will feel instantly better, I promise.
Try it. You know what is stressing you out..whether it's your health, house project, relationship struggle, etc. Do one thing today that will improve that area of your life.
#workhardfeelgood #crossfit #stressmanagement

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