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EXPRESS: A 30-min, high intensity class that provides a concentrated burst of high paced training for a mid-day jump start. With a focus on bodyweight and unconventional tools, the Express class is perfect for those looking to get maximal results in minimal time.

CROSSFIT: A 60-min, constantly varied, high intensity class with a focus on both conditioning and strength.  Classes are accessible to all levels with workouts designed for the novice and the veteran alike. This class takes advantage of a variety of tools like kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, medballs, and more. The focus on larger groups provides a high-energy atmosphere and the classes are structured with a focus on delivering the perfect blend of fat loss, skill development, and fun.

CORE COACHING: Work with a coach to develop the ideal personal workout just for you, or simply come in and do our own thing. You’ll have the opportunity to work out with a great group of like-minded clients, and you will have a coach on the gym floor who will make sure that you are moving safely and effectively.

UNBOUND: A 60-minute class with a focus on restorative movement and recovery. Each class incorporates a combination of flexibility/yoga based movement, soft tissue release, and functional mobility. Attending Unbound classes regularly is a sound investment towards longevity, and will contribute to sustainable long-term progress.

OPEN GYM: The gym is open. Coaches are here. Come and do what you want for a workout. This is a great time to work on some skills or accessory programming to support your goals.


At CrossFit Black Bear we provide you with the tools, and knowledge needed to live a healthy lifestyle, both inside and outside the gym. Serving Orono, Old Town, Bangor and Brewer Maine! 5 minutes from the University of Maine (UMaine).

482A Stillwater Avenue
Old Town, ME 04468
(207) 631-6136
  • Strong women, strong world!
  • FNL memories! Or more SNL memories...
  • THE WAIT IS OVER!! We are officially opening up spots for our upcoming FitME Challenge!

We only take 20 people every program, and we are about half full already from current member referrals. This means we have 10 spots currently open! 
Apply for a spot here:

Program begins August 19, 2019!
  • Our website has been hacked!! Please do not visit until we have resolved the issue.

If you need assistance please feel free to email us at and we will help answer any questions you have.

We'll update you when we are back up and running. This does not affect any of our operations. Workouts, coaching, and check-ins are all a GO for this week!

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